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May 18th, 2009:

What’s your name?

e. Yes, e. My name is e.

Read the review mynameise got at the recent top web conference in Europe:

Mynameise Triumphs at TheNextWeb Conference

The winner of both the jury prize and public vote (by a considerable margin) at TheNextWeb conference was Amsterdam startup mynameise. The company makes a portable connector which aims to replace the ubiquitous business card by sharing your online identities with other connectors or mobile phones. The service also importantly allows you to select which identities should be shared, e.g. LinkedIn with business contacts and Facebook with friends. Since many of us are already encountering this “multiple business card” scenario (I already have one business card for my blog and another for my company), it has the potential to become a huge business.

The jury selected mynameise not only because they are solving a real-world problem but because they gave one of the best pitches they had seen in a long time. It’s also encouraging to see a startup from Amsterdam winning the prize when other startup founders have pointed out that the Netherlands is not an ideal base for startups.